Remember our post from last week about shooting the motocross? Our friend Wayne that we shot that night was one of first Senior Model Reps, and we thought it was a good time to share his photos from last spring.

Wayne wanted to do some studio shots, and had several ideas. He wanted to start in his motocross gear with his bike, with some mood lighting. Those shots turned out pretty well and a couple of them are below. We also dd some fashion-type stuff, and that’s where he really shined. Wayne has a knack for posing, and the longer we shot, the more he seemed to get into it. The one of him with his chin on his arms is prominently featured both here on the blog and on the Studio P website. There’s just something about it — a kind of quiet confidence in his eyes and smile that’s really appealing.

As we said last week, Wayne is becoming quite the photographer himself. Don’t be surprised if you see some of his shots here on the Studio P blog soon.