So it was about a month ago that I was driving down the interstate one afternoon, on my way to pick up our son Grant from school.

LaDonna and I had been discussing dates for our Fall Mini-Sessions, and we couldn’t come to a conclusion. Not knowing when the leaves would turn, we were having a difficult time making a decision.

So I happened to glance over at the tree line as I drove, and suddenly a swatch of color hit my eye. Then another, then another. As soon as I stopped, I grabbed my phone, called LaDonna and told her that we had better go sooner than later because the leaves were already starting to turn.

Date set, October 9.

Shows you what I know.

Apparently, what I was seeing on the interstate was either an optical illusion or some trees’ idea of a practical joke, because we are two days out and the fall colors are nowhere close to being ready. Makes it kind of hard to have Fall Mini-Sessions when it’s not “Fall” yet.

So, in case you haven’t guessed by now, we are rescheduling our Fall Mini-Sessions. Judging by what the leaves are looking like right now, we are setting Oct. 23 and 30 as the new dates. We going to do both days, with appointments in the mornings. If you had already scheduled a session for Saturday, LaDonna should have already been in touch with our about setting a new time.

And if you were interested before but Saturday didn’t work out for you, we still have a very few spots left. Give us a shout and we’ll get you on the books.