Ya gotta love kids.

They are who they are. Oh, you can teach them and train them and prod them into becoming the person you want them to become, but there are certain aspects of a kid’s personality, I believe, that are God-given and make them who they are.

Take our son Grant, for instance. We get the biggest kick out of hearing him talk about the daughters of our friends Brian and Jennifer. He doesn’t call them Audrey and Emily. He doesn’t call them “The Morris Girls.” They are just The Girls. That’s it. As in, “I got to play with The Girls today.” It wouldn’t matter if we hadn’t talked about the Morrises in a week. We should just know exactly who he’s referring to about.

But that’s just Grant.

Anyway, when we did our Spring Mini-sessions at UT Gardens a few weeks back, we shot some portraits of The Girls and we been remiss in not posting them before now. Both of them are just as sweet as they can be and we had a great time shooting them. Emily is the oldest and is really into sports. Audrey is the youngest and is more girly than her sister. I guess that means they balance each other out.

Here’s a few of the shots from their session. Enjoy.