Just wanted to give everyone an update on where we are with our Senior Rep program.

For those who don’t know you what I’m talking about, you can get the full scoop from this post, but in a nutshell, our Senior Rep program is a way for upcoming high school seniors to get their senior portraits sessions and images at a very discounted rate or free. Basically, we do their images and they help with marketing those images to their friends at their school. If they are willing to put in a little effort, they can get some really killer stuff out of the deal.

In the initial post, we said for every friend of our reps who signs with Studio P for senior portraits, they get $25 in image credits. If they get five of their friends to sign with Studio P, they get a free DVD slideshow of their images set to music. If they get 10 of their friends to sign on, their credit gets doubled to $500. Now, we are adding another level. If 15 of their friends sign with us, they will get a 32GB Ipod Touch loaded with the DVD slideshow of their images.

So far, response has been good, but we still have plenty of spots open at almost every school in the Knoxville area. In fact, that we don’t have openings for reps right now are Carter, Bearden and Grace Christian Academy. Every other school has at least one opening for a Studio P Senior rep.

So if you are going to be graduating in 2011 or know someone who is, fill out or have them fill our out Senior Model Rep application. Who knows? That Ipod Touch may just be coming your way.