All style, no substance.

That’s what we say when or someone is nothing but glitz and glamor and has no depth or personality to them.

So what if someone has both?

That’s certainly Victoria, who is one of our Senior Models from Carter High School. All you have to to do see the style is to take a look at her images. Clothes, hair, makeup — everything is just perfect. And bling? Well, as you can see, the girl likes her bling.

But there’s substance there as well. Victoria is as sweet as she is beautiful, and that smile is genuine. Whatever we wanted to try, she was willing to do.

She was an absolute joy to photograph and we had a lot of fun on her shoots. She wanted to do part of her outdoor shots in the Old City and part at a neighbor’s farm. We especially enjoyed shooting at the farm, where a late afternoon shower had not only cooled things off, but made for some really interesting skies.

So here’s Victoria’s Senior Model shots. Enjoy.

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