Has it really been almost two weeks since I’ve posted to the blog? Sorry about that. It’s no excuse, but the last 10 days or so have been really busy. I’ve had a huge project that I have working on for a customer that has consumed a lot of time, and then last week was Vacation Bible School at our Church. Plus regular business stuff, LaDonna’s mom having heart surgery, Father’s Day … Well, let’s just say that there has been a lot going on.

Hopefully things have calmed down now and we can get to a more regular posting schedule. We’ve got a lot going on, so I’m gonna try to get something up every day this week.

Oh, before we close this out, a few words about VBS. Our church, Chilhowee Hills Baptist in Knoxville, really puts a lot of emphasis on Vacation Bible School. Both our former pastor, Tony Crisp and our current pastor, Mark McKeehan, see VBS as a huge opportunity for outreach to the community. So we tend to make our VBS pretty elaborate. This year’s theme was “Saddle Ridge Ranch” and everyone seemed to really get into it. And it was a fantastic success as we saw at least 11 new souls added to the kingdom!

My job at VBS is to coordinate the official pictures and video, which you can at CHBC’s Facebook page. I have to give a big shoutout to Wayne Phillips and Becky Patton, who helped me take shots, and also Jerry Cunningham, who was my cameraman for the ¬†video. Couldn’t have done what we did without them. They are the best!

Anyway, here a few of my favorite shots from the week. Enjoy.