Short and sweet tonight.

The last few days have been a whirlwind for us here at Studio P. Shoots almost every day, including two today, and still more to come. It’s all good, but very exhausting and we’re not done yet. Tomorrow is a full day of shooting mini-sessions at UT Gardens, then another Senior Shoot Saturday night. We have some wonderful work to share with you, but right now, we’re gonna try to wrap it up and get to bed.

So here’s a couple of shots to tied you over. The first is from Tuesday night’s outdoor session with the lovely Miss Rachel. She is just gorgeous and we can’t wait to share more from her shoots. The second is from Darcy’s “post” wedding shoot. Darcy and Phil tied the knot back in October of last year, and Darcy agreed to let us take some shots of her in her wedding dress. Just beautiful.


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