It was obvious he had done this before.

Zachary knew exactly how to stand, where to put his hands, how to lean, how to emote. Direction? He needed very little, it any, of it.

See, most senior guys have rarely spent much time in front of the camera. So when we do a shoot with them, we usually have to be very explicit about how we want them to pose. Put this hand there, bend your knee like this, give us this expression.

Not so with Zachary. Turns out he has done some modeling in the past, and knew exactly what to do. And he was willing to make suggestions about things that he wanted to do that were always spot on.

That makes things so much easier on us, especially during the shoot, but even more so once it’s over. With a model that can pose themselves the way our Senior Model from Powell High School can, it opens up a lot of possibilities about how we want the final image to look. If you notice in several of the shots below, we were able to make them look like some very familiar fashion ads that you may have seen. That’s all because Zachary was such a natural in front of the camera.

His shots show that. Hopefully, you will agree.

If you go to Powell High and would like to have a Senior Xperience like Zachary, see him for a special discount. Coming tomorrow: Kelly.

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