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It was obvious he had done this before. Zachary knew exactly how to stand, where to put his hands, how to lean, how to emote. Direction? He needed very little, it any, of it. See, most senior guys have rarely spent much time in front of the camera. So when we do a shoot with Read more ..

I had always thought of her as this cute little girl who ran around our church all the time with the youth. But one night a couple of years ago changed all that. LaDonna and I were taking the photos at our son’s school’s prom, and Darian was the guest of one of the students. Read more ..

It was really bugging me. We were sitting there with the lovely Breana and her mom, Lisa, discussing our Senior Model program and the Senior Xperience, and I had to stop myself from staring. Breana reminded me so much of someone, but I could NOT think of who it was. It didn’t hit me until Read more ..

Trust us, she’s cold! We all were. It may have been sunny outside the day that we did Rebecca’s Senior Model Xperience, but the temperature was only in the 50s and the wind was howling. Saying that there was a chill in the air was an understatement. Rebecca, however, was suffering a lot more than Read more ..

One minute she is dressed in a prom dress and is every bit the doe-eyed princess, but then the next minute her eyes burn with the fire of her competitive spirit. She can look like a super model on a high-fashion shoot, but she can also be a little girl on a summer day in Read more ..