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Catching up on some sessions from 2011 that never made the blog… Josué has classic features and a smile that never ends. Erika is grace and beauty personified. Is it any surprise that their child would be simply stunning? But he is full of personality, too. When we had the chance to photography the Léons Read more ..

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, it was a cold, rainy, soggy mess in Knoxville on New Year’s Day. This year? Bright sunlight is streaming through my office window and the temperature is a downright balmy 59 degrees. So what does that mean for the year to come? Who knows? What Read more ..

It has been an amazing year at Studio P Photography. We took our second trip to Israel in January. We stretched ourselves and our photography in directions that we would never have imagined. We’ve almost doubled the number of high school seniors that we did in 2010. We’ve done more portraits and been more creative Read more ..

I love newborns. Delicate little fingers and toes. Scrunched up eyes and lips. Perfect skin. They are so much fun to photograph, because no two shoots are alike. You just never know what you are going to get. Sometimes, they can sleep through the entire shoot and let you pose them however you want. Sometimes, Read more ..

Is your kid cute? Probably not a reasonable question to ask, huh? We all think our kids are cute. The better question, then, is whether other people think your kid is cute? If that’s the case, then we have the perfect contest for you — the Studio P Cutest Kids Contest. Here’s how it works. Read more ..