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She made her mom call. See, Kacy just couldn’t bring herself to do it. This was going to be the third time she was going to have to reschedule her Senior Model Xperience, and she just couldn’t bring herself to do it herself. “They are going to hate me!” she said. Far from it. Our Read more ..

I had always thought of her as this cute little girl who ran around our church all the time with the youth. But one night a couple of years ago changed all that. LaDonna and I were taking the photos at our son’s school’s prom, and Darian was the guest of one of the students. Read more ..

Catching up on some sessions from 2011 that never made the blog… If you want to describe Maylin, you had better take your dictionary, because you are gonna need a lot of words. You can certainly use words like sweet and feminine. But catch her on the basketball court and tough and competitive will come Read more ..

It has been an amazing year at Studio P Photography. We took our second trip to Israel in January. We stretched ourselves and our photography in directions that we would never have imagined. We’ve almost doubled the number of high school seniors that we did in 2010. We’ve done more portraits and been more creative Read more ..

Maylin just had a couple of requests for her senior photo shoot – can I have my photo taken by some water and can I bring a motorcycle? That sums up Maylin – a combination of beauty and adventure. We granted both wishes because we strive to make our Senior Xperience all that our seniors Read more ..