Riding High!

(Ed. note: We’ve blogged about and shared pictures of Wayne before here, here, here and here. Now we’re letting Wayne have the reigns of the blog himself to share a little about his experience shooting a supercross event a couple of weeks ago).

OK, let’s give this a try!

Well first off my name is Wayne and I help Tony and LaDonna with their photo shoots. I am also an amateur photographer. I mostly shoot action sports, such as motocross, and I am slowly learning how to do portraits — with the help of Tony, of course.

Here are a few of the better shots I took 2 weekends ago at the Atlanta Supercross. I used my Nikon D90 with Tony’s 150-500 mm lens, which was pretty fun I must say. The event was at the Georgia Dome, and shooting indoors in a dome presents many problems. One of the biggest is not having the access to go where ever you would like to take photos. That can be a bummer. Another problem is not being able to move around much in your seat due to the other spectators around you, but I tried my best and this is what came up with.

I hope you enjoy!! (And yes these bikes are upside down!!)

— Wayne

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