If I had just one word to describe the Gentry family, that would be it. Like an old pair of shoes, the Gentrys, Charles and Jill and sons Jeff and Daniel, are just comfortable, whether around each other, around other people, or in their own skin. No pretense, no airs, no false fronts. They are who they are and they are genuinely pleased with each other.

Families like that make for fun photo sessions and the Gentrys were no exception. We’ve known them for years, but haven’t had the opportunity to spend a lot of time with them as a group. Jeff, the oldest son, moved from Knoxville several years ago and only gets home periodically. Daniel is still around, but getting them all together, according to mom Jill, can be a rarity. So it took some coordination to get them all together for a short family portrait session a while back.

You would never know, though, that they aren’t around each other every day, because as soon as we got started, so did the jokes and the laughs, and continued right up through the last click of the shutter. I hope the warmth and the love comes though the photos.

So here’s the Gentrys. Enjoy.