GentryEngagement-242Every person is different. No two people have the same hair, the same eyes, the same expressions. So it should be obvious that no two photo sessions should be the same, either.

At least that’s the way it is at Studio P Photography. Book us to take your portraits and we will create a unique experience just for you, based on what you want and need. Inside, outside, in the spring, in the fall, in a formal setting or just you being you, we will create the images that you want, that you will treasure for a lifetime.

Here’s how it will work. Once you decide to book a session with Studio P, you will sit down with owners Tony and LaDonna Pettis and decide exactly what you are looking for. We will discuss locations, lighting, time of day, clothing choices and composition. You’ll decide how long the session will be and who will be there. You decide whether you want to use our in-house makeup and hair-stylist, or do it yourself. And you will discuss rough ideas about what you are looking for in a final product — how many images, how large they will be, any albums or specialty items, etc.

After your shoot, Tony will do a preliminary edit to your images, then arrange a meeting with you so you can view them and make your selections. You can also decide on any special effects or extensive editing that you want performed to your images. And you will make final decisions on prints and products so we can get your order back to you in a timely fashion.

This might seem like a long process, but it’s all to ensure that the images you finally receive are exactly what YOU want. That is our goal.