Welcome to our blog!

OK, that was pretty lame for the debut of a blog, we’ll admit. Please forgive us. We’re both new to this whole blog thing. But, we’ve decided to take the plunge, so here we are.

So what will be here in the Studio P blog? Well, a little bit of everything. It’s mostly going to be a place where we can let everyone know what’s going on in the Studio P world. We’ll have highlights from our past and recent shoots, more than we can post on our Facebook page. We’ll have news about special promotions and events that we will have and take part in. We’ll have announcements concerning the studio.

We’ll also post some more general stuff about photography. We might discuss a technique that we use, or a new process that we have come across. We might talk about equipment and why we use a certain camera or lens. We’ll try to pass along websites and information that we see that might help you take better images yourselves.

And we will try to pass along some personal stuff as well. We care about our clients and friends and we hope that you care about us as well. So we will try to use this blog to let you know about important (and sometimes not so important) stuff that’s going on with us.

So there will be all this and much more. We’re going to try not to set very many boundaries for this blog, other than that it will be about us. Our studio, our photography, our lives.

Thanks for coming along. Now let the journey begin …

Tony and LaDonna Pettis