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Memorial Day is an odd holiday for me. When I was a kid, we always looked at it as most families do — as the unofficial start of summer. School was either already out, or almost out. The weather was getting hot or already hot. And I was in full “play” mode. The Sunday before Read more ..

OK, we know that we are a little late with this. But then, we’ve been a little late with a lot when it comes to our blog lately. To be quote honest, the six months have been something of a whirlwind for us here at Studio P, as last year was a year of tremendous Read more ..

I am convinced that predicting the weather is one part science, two parts random chance. If there any weather people out there reading this and are offended, I apologize. But come on, guys, really? Can you really accurately predict the weather, especially in East Tennessee, more than 10 minutes in advance? That’s the way it Read more ..

It has been an amazing year at Studio P Photography. We took our second trip to Israel in January. We stretched ourselves and our photography in directions that we would never have imagined. We’ve almost doubled the number of high school seniors that we did in 2010. We’ve done more portraits and been more creative Read more ..

From October 1 to Christmas is the busiest time of the year for photographers. Families want fall photo shoots. Seniors and others that have put off purchases suddenly are motivated to buy. And everyone wants their prints by Christmas. It’s absolutely the worst time of the year for a photographer to get sick. Guess what. Read more ..