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It has been an amazing year at Studio P Photography. We took our second trip to Israel in January. We stretched ourselves and our photography in directions that we would never have imagined. We’ve almost doubled the number of high school seniors that we did in 2010. We’ve done more portraits and been more creative Read more ..

The wind-down to the year is always a time for reflection, for looking back and what you’ve accomplished. It’s been a big year for Studio P. We’ve stretched ourselves creatively, taken some risks and grown as a studio and photographers. We’ve got plenty to work on and we’ve got some big plans for 2011 (some Read more ..

Weddings are stressful. They just are. You can have two of the most laid back people in the world getting hitched, the ceremony be the most simple one ever, with less than a carpool of people attending, and something will cause everyone’s stress level to go into the red zone. So because weddings are stressful, Read more ..