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I love newborns. Delicate little fingers and toes. Scrunched up eyes and lips. Perfect skin. They are so much fun to photograph, because no two shoots are alike. You just never know what you are going to get. Sometimes, they can sleep through the entire shoot and let you pose them however you want. Sometimes, Read more ..

There’s something about a sassy Southern Lady. Yeah, I know it’s a stereotype, one that Hollywood has played for all it’s worth (see Steel Magnolias and Gone With the Wind, just to name two). But stereotypes can be real, and in the case of our friend Michelle, even endearing. Michelle is the quintessential sassy Southern Read more ..

The wind-down to the year is always a time for reflection, for looking back and what you’ve accomplished. It’s been a big year for Studio P. We’ve stretched ourselves creatively, taken some risks and grown as a studio and photographers. We’ve got plenty to work on and we’ve got some big plans for 2011 (some Read more ..

Maybe I’m just different. I’ve read and heard a lot of photographers talk about how they can know before they ever hit the shutter button whether an image will look better as a color, black and white, sepia tone, etc. ¬†They already have the look of the finished product in the minds. That’s not me. Read more ..

All womens’ beauty jumps a few notches when they are pregnant. To me, at least, there really is something about that “glow of motherhood” thing. But there are some women… Well, let’s just say that their glow is a little bit more radiant than the rest. I always knew that Eden was going to be Read more ..