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Every Senior Model Xperience is a little bit different. Sometimes they are really nervous. Sometimes they are totally relaxed. Most are somewhere in-between, maybe a little bit anxious at first, but then loosen up the more they get into it. Comes with the territory since for most of them, it’s the first time in their Read more ..

It’s not unusual at all for one of our Senior Models to be excited about the opportunity to represent Studio P at their school. After all, it’s a great opportunity to get a professional photo shoot and possibly earn great photos and products cool gifts. But Andrea … well, let’s just say her level of Read more ..

Ever been in the line at Walmart or the grocery store and seen one of the tabloids with a “What They Look Like Without Makeup” stories on the front page? You almost have to pick it up and see which un-beautified stars look like themselves and which look … well, not like themselves, to put Read more ..

Catching up on some sessions from 2011 that never made the blog… If you want to describe Maylin, you had better take your dictionary, because you are gonna need a lot of words. You can certainly use words like sweet and feminine. But catch her on the basketball court and tough and competitive will come Read more ..

What a difference a year makes. This time last year, it was a cold, rainy, soggy mess in Knoxville on New Year’s Day. This year? Bright sunlight is streaming through my office window and the temperature is a downright balmy 59 degrees. So what does that mean for the year to come? Who knows? What Read more ..