Ever been in the line at Walmart or the grocery store and seen one of the tabloids with a “What They Look Like Without Makeup” stories on the front page?

You almost have to pick it up and see which un-beautified stars look like themselves and which look … well, not like themselves, to put it mildly.

The first time we ever met Natalie, our Senior Model from Farragut, it was pretty easy to tell which category she would fit in. Even with very little makeup, she was stunning in every way possible.

Maybe it comes as much from her inner beauty as her outward appearance. A self-described “joyful person,” Natalie is a giver who¬†loves to meet new people, and I has a passion for those in need. She is known for her enthusiasm, having been voted “Most School Spirit” at Farragut.

That’s easy to see from her Senior Xperience photos. It was hard to get her not to flash that beautiful smile during the shoot, and there wasn’t a single moment where we weren’t having a blast. From the studio to the Old City, it was a totally great time.

We believe that came through in her pictures. Enjoy.

If you go to Farragut and would like to have a Senior Xperience like Natalie, see her for a special discount. Tommorow’s Senior Model: Hailey.