We are winding up shooting for our Senior Models for 2012-2013, and we will be sharing about their Senior Xperiences over the next few weeks. First up is the lovely Cayllah. Coming tomorrow: Natalie.

It was, quite literally, a hike.

Down a steep, winding nature trail and along the river, probably more then a mile in all. At least it felt like it to all our feet.

But once we were all there, and she had on her “poofy dress” as Cayllah and her mom Allyson called her prom gown, well, it was clearly worth every step.

Cayllah’s Senior Model Xperience was unique in a lot of ways. It was our first of this year, and it was the first time that we had shot at Ijams Nature Center, undoubtedly one of the most beautiful places in Knoxville. She was the first violinist we have shot, and also the first true ballet dancer.

But more than that, it was Cayllah, our Senior Model from Maryville High, that made it unique. Exquisitely gorgeous, phenomenally talented and incredibly intelligent,  she has her own style and that came through in her images in a big way. We tried some different things with her — pushing the creative envelope, if you will — and she pulled off every request with effortless ease. All we had to do was make sure the camera was working.

What a way for us to kick off our Senior Model season. We’re sure you would agree.

If you go to Maryville High and would like to have a Senior Xperience like Callyah, see her for a special discount.