Studio P is moving.

Not far. Actually not far at all. In fact, it’s just down the street.

For the last almost three years, we have shared studio space with several other photographers in downtown Knoxville in the Old City. Now, we are pulling up roots and heading up the street to Market Square. Studio P is entering into a agreement with Erin Browne Photography to share studio space at her Studio B location just above Soccer Taco.

We could not be more excited about this move. Not that we weren’t happy with our previous location. Dave Moore Studios, where we had previously shared space, has been wonderful for us. We have been able to grow our business there, experiment with lighting setups and do some really cool things. However, there is a rather large community of photographers there and as we have grown and continue to grow, we have found it difficult to get the times that we need to accommodate the schedules of our clients.

Enter Erin and her Studio B. It’s still a shared space, but it’s a much smaller pool of photographers, so we feel like we will have a much easier time scheduling sessions. Plus, there are a number of other fabulous advantages — things like a bank of windows to do natural light shooting, lots of props and backgrounds, high-quality in-studio lights that we can use and a dedicated makeup and dressing area that is nothing short of palatial. We did our first shoot there on Sunday (see the shots below for some behind-the-scenes looks and some views of the studio itself), and are thrilled with the results.

We feel like that this move is going to allow us to take our business to the next level. We still want to have our own studio space someday and are working like crazy to get there. But until we do, we feel like this is the best place for us to be.