It’s not unusual at all for one of our Senior Models to be excited about the opportunity to represent Studio P at their school.

After all, it’s a great opportunity to get a professional photo shoot and possibly earn great photos and products cool gifts.

But Andrea … well, let’s just say her level of enthusiasm has been pretty high, right from the beginning.

From the first time we met with her, she has been all about being one of our Senior Models. She could hardly wait for the day of her shoot and she came to the studio rarin’ to go.

We think that really came through in her images. Andrea is one of those young ladies who can have multiple looks — one minute she is just as cute as she can be, and the next those dark eyes can just smoulder. Her serious looks are phenomenal, but she can also laugh and giggle and look beautiful doing it. She really wanted a city atmosphere for her outdoor pictures, so we toured around Market Square and Crutch Park, and slipped down to the railroad tracks and the Old City for a few as well.

A talented musician, she is member of the band at Halls High School and is also in the Key Club. It was important to her that her Senior Portraits capture who she really is.

Hopefully we succeeded.

If you go to Halls High and would like to have a Senior Xperience like Andrea, see her for a special discount. Coming tomorrow: Morgan.