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The shot below of the lovely Nichole in her ballet dress, leaping into the air with her arms raised, is one of the most popular images we have ever posted to Facebook. It seems to strike a chord with just about everyone who sees it.

It’s all due to the beauty and talent of Nichole, one of our Senior Models from Alcoa High School. A wonderful dancer with the Appalachian Ballet Company (like another of our Senior Models, Cayllah), Nichole really wanted part of her Studio P Senior Xperience to showcase that aspect of her life. We were all too happy to oblige and those shots were amazing.

But then all of her shots were. Although we generally like to do the studio and outdoor shots for our Senior Models in the same day, in Nichole’s case, we had a weeks’ delay because the day of her studio shoot it came a torrential downpour. It was worth it, though, because her images at the Bailey farm were just as incredible.

Nichole has just been a wonderful addition to our group of Senior Models this year. We think you will agree. If you go to Alcoa High and would like to have a Senior Xperience like Nichole, see her for a special discount. Coming Monday: Andrea.