Tyler is used to making sacrifices. He sacrifices plenty of time and energy to work out and practice for the Halls High School football, basketball, and track teams. I’m sure he also has to sacrifice some time for his little brother and sister.

But to ask a teenage boy to sacrifice Easter dinner with his family….well, that is asking A LOT! But that’s exactly what happened when we scheduled Tyler’s Senior Model Xperience for the night before Easter. The same night his mom’s family had their Easter dinner scheduled.

But Tyler took it all in stride and we had a great shoot in the studio with his football gear. We also went out back and shot some on the railroad tracks. We then headed to the Halls High School football field and his mom left for the family dinner. The day was perfect and, with all the recent rain, the football field was very lush and green. Tyler had brought his football and he played catch with our son, Grant, in between some shots. Grant got his running in for the day and had a great time too!

The sunset was spectacular as you can see in some of the shots below and we were able to get some fantastic shots on the bleachers. The same bleachers where the Red Devil faithful will be cheering on Tyler and the rest of the football team this fall.

Tyler is a great guy and we enjoyed the time we spent with him.

And, by the way, his family saved him some food so he did get to enjoy his Easter dinner after all!

If you are a current junior at Halls High School and would like a Senior Xperience like Tyler, see him for a special discount. Tomorrow’s Senior Model Xperience: Nichole.