One minute she is dressed in a prom dress and is every bit the doe-eyed princess, but then the next minute her eyes burn with the fire of her competitive spirit. She can look like a super model on a high-fashion shoot, but she can also be a little girl on a summer day in a field.

Girls like Morgan are so much fun to shoot.

As a photographer, you long for subjects that have the ability to show different sides of their personality in front of the camera. For some, this is incredibly difficult. They are either shy, or feel awkward and are just intimidated by the camera and the lights. For some, it’s a lot easier to be themselves in their images.

And then there are those like Morgan.

In almost every photo from her Senior Xperience, it seemed like our Senior Model from Alcoa High School showed us something a little different. We loved that she brought her prom dress to her shoot (a first for a Senior Model) and we got some really cute shots with it. Then she changed into her soccer uniform, and suddenly she looked like she was ready to put us into the wall. And on the Bailey Farm, she was equal parts romantic leading lady and playful kid.

She had a blast and so did we. Hopefully that comes out in her images. Enjoy.

If you go to Alcoa High and would like to have a Senior Xperience like Morgan, see her for a special discount. Coming Thursday: Rebecca.