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She should be scratching on the front door. Or laying in the sun, fussing at the people cutting their grass across the street. Or stretched out on the floor of my office asleep with all four paws in the air. But she’s not. Our beloved Lucy is gone. We lost Lucy today, struck by a Read more ..

She loves peanut butter and belly rubs. She hates car rides and leashes. And she has taken over our house. If you’ve been around for a while, you know about Lucy, the lab/Australian shepherd mix puppy who came to live with us back before Christmas. And if you remember, I was kinda reluctant for the Read more ..

What is it about puppies? About a month ago, I added pictures on Facebook and of our new dog Lucy getting the chance to play in the snow. Back in December, when she first joined the family as a five-week old, I wrote about a blog post about her. Now it seems that whenever I Read more ..

Believe me, I wanted to say no. All the reasons why it wasn’t a good idea were swirling in my head. We didn’t need another mouth to feed. We didn’t have the time. We’re not home a lot. It was going to interfere with our schedule. But there was my son, with big tears filling Read more ..