Who likes easy money?

Everyone right?

Especially high school kids, though. They are always needing money for something, whether it’s money for dates or that new prom dress or that latest release album from Itunes.

Well, we have a way for them to earn a little extra bling. Possibly a LOT of extra bling.

Here’s how it works. We are looking for two current high school juniors at the following Knoxville area schools to be Senior Models for us — Central, Carter, Bearden, Halls, South-Doyle, Farragut, Knox Catholic, Christian Academy of Knoxville, Hardin Valley and Gibbs. If you or anyone you know might be interested, please fill out the on-line application and hit submit. We will review the applications and be back in touch with you soon.

If you are chosen to be a Studio P Senior Model from your school, you will receive a free studio and outdoor photo session of one hour each. Your studio session will be at our studio facilities, but your outdoor session can be anywhere in Knox County. After your shoots, we’ll take one of your shots and create a business card-sized card with our information on the back to hand out to your friends. We’ll also provide you with access to several of your shots for your Facebook page. Then for every friend who books a senior shoot with Studio P through your card or Facebook page, you will receive cash. Cold, hard cash. How much? Try $25 for every friend that signs with us. If five friends sign up, that’s $125. If it’s 10 friends, then it’s $250. Get a hundred and it’s $2,500.

So we would imagine that your next question is how do you get chosen to be a Studio P Senior Model? Well, first of all, you need to be photogenic and enjoy having your picture taken. A good sense of style doesn’t hurt, either. But just as important is an outgoing personality. This is essentially a part-time job in which the responsibilities include being photographed by our studio and then promoting us by showing your senior portraits to your friends, telling them about the studio, and encouraging them to choose Studio P for their senior portraits. Being an active part of social networking websites such as Facebook and Twitter is a must, as you will be expected to help promote Studio P as much as possible (don’t worry, we’ll show you how).

We are planning a lot of fabulous things for our Senior Model program that we will let you know about soon. But just know that if you get chosen to be a part of this, it’s going to be fun and exciting. So if you or someone you know at one of the schools above might be interested, don’t hesitate to submit an application. We expect the spots to fill up quick!