If you have been following Studio P for a while, you know that we do a lot of high school senior shoots.

That’s a really big part of our business, and something that we feel like we do a pretty good job with. However, the one drawback to doing seniors is that we don’t get a lot of repeat business out of it. I mean, a young lady is only a senior once. Sometimes we might get to do multiple shoots with one of our seniors, but it’s not often.

So when we do get work with a someone more than once, it’s a real treat, and that’s a great way to describe our Senior Model shoot with the lovely Abbey. Our previous shoots with her, and her model/actress mother Shannon, have been amazing, and when we chose her to be our Senior Model for Grace Christian Academy, we had no doubt this one would be as well.

We weren’t disappointed. We all just seemed to click, both for her indoor and outdoor shoots and the images we were able to capture were amazing. We only had one slight disappointment on the day, in that there was one area of the farm where we really wanted to shoot that wasn’t accessible to us. But that as a minor setback.

Images like these make us want to shoot with Abbey again sometime, and hopefully we will get the chance. For now, there are these to enjoy.