Earlier in the week, we told you about our Senior Model shoot with the lovely Miss Whittney and what a fantastic time we had with her. But that is just part of the story.

As we were getting to know Whittney, we learned that her grandfather is an avid antique car collector. Whittney is in love with these relics form a bygone era and really wanted to incorporate one of them into her senior pictures. But that wasn’t her only request. She has also been friends with three guys from her church youth group for as long as she could remember, and wondered if she could have pictures made with them as well.

So we said, why not both at the same time?

The only thing left to decide was where, and the venue was The Fruit and Berry Patch in Halls. Owners Joe Dennis and Jeff Fox were gracious enough to allow us to shoot on their farm, and one gloomy and cold Saturday afternoon, we got everyone together for the shoot.

And while the sky may have been gray, the mood was anything but. Whittney and her boys — Alex, John and ┬áZach, and new friend Katelynn — were a hoot to shoot and we had a blast. Putting them around that vintage automobile made for some really neat shots, and the one of Whittney and her wonderful grandfather was is just precious.

So here is Whittney and “Her Boys.” All of them.