It really is a small world.

OK, it’s a cliche’. But sometimes that’s the only way to describe the way things happen.

Flash back 11 years ago. LaDonna and I are in the market for a house, and there is one on the market next door to some close friends of ours in Halls. It’s a Sunday afternoon and on a whim, we decide to call the agent to see if we can get in to see it. The agent, Robin, says sure, drives over and arranges for us to see the house that afternoon. After taking a look, we decide that it’s not for us. However, there is another house in the same neighborhood for sale, and Robyn asks if we want to see it. We do and instantly fall in love. Couple of months later, we are in our new home, which we have been in now for more than a decade.

Now come back to the present. Robin’s daughter, Whittney, is looking for someone to do her senior pictures, finds us on the web and gives us a call. We meet with her and her mother, Robyn to discuss what they want to do. And the more I look at Robin, the more familiar she seems. Finally it dawns on me that she was our real estate agent when we bought our house.

What are the odds? When it’s a God thing, it doesn’t matter.

And that’s how we feel about it. It’s been a pure joy getting re-acquainted with Robin and getting to know Whittney. Stunningly beautiful, outgoing, humble, but with just the right amount of sass, Whittney has been been a great Senior Model for us. Her shoots have been absolutely amazing. She had some definite ideas about what she wanted to do, but let me experiment a lot and do some stuff that I have been wanting to try for a while (check out the shot with the Ipod below). Later in the week, I’m share some shots from her second shoot with her “boys.”

For now, check out her Senior Model shoot. Enjoy.