Hanging on the wall in my office is something that’s very special to me.

A dear friend that I was close to when I was in high school took my graduation invitation and my cap and gown picture and had them framed together. The whole thing is matted and the frame is on my school color of fire engine read. It’s something that I cherish.

But the reason that it means so much to me is that it was a gift from a special person in my life. It has nothing to do with the invitation itself, which is your standard white high school graduation invitation with the graduation year — not telling, so don’t ask — and my school crest. The little name card is included. Bleh. It was pretty lame, even back then.

Now it’s even more lame. But that’s the only option that most high school kids have when it comes to graduation invitations — the same thing that their parents, or even their grandparents, had.

But not seniors who have had their photos taken by Studio P.

We’re very excited about being able to introduce custom graduation invitations, which are available exclusively to our seniors. We’re calling this first one “Devon” after the lovely Devon, whose senior pics we shot recently. We felt like this particular design fit the style of photos that we shot with her very well. These cards are 5 x 7, but they can be modified to other sizes as well.

And there will be other designs. The one below is just the first. We’ll try to release one every couple of weeks or so, and we’re shooting for five in all.

So if you are a current Studio P senior and you are interested in these cards, let us know. And if you’re not a Studio P senior, your graduation invitations could look like these. All it takes is a call.