Nobody likes to enter into a situation blind, so we thought it might be a good idea to give you an idea what it will be like after you are chosen to be a part of the Studio P Senior Model Rep program.

The first step will be a preliminary meeting with you are your parents. We’ll sit down and go over exactly what you are looking for in your shoot. First, we’ll need to know where you want to do your outdoor session. Are you looking for something urban, like The Old City or downtown? Maybe in the country at a farm? Or maybe UT Gardens or the Botanical Gardens? Once that’s chosen, we’ll choose a general theme for your studio session. Will it be playful or serious. If you’re an athlete or a cheerleader, maybe we have you in uniform for some shots. We’ll go over what props and extras to bring. And we’ll help you choose your wardrobe, which is very important. A lot of the decisions about where and how we’ll shoot are predicated on wardrobe, so we need to have a good general idea about what you’ll be wearing. We’ll also determine if you need to use our in-house makeup and hair stylists. If there are any special shots that you want done (with a particular pose or setup or with a pet), we’ll go over those as well. Oh, and we’ll choose the date and times of your shoots.

On the day of your shoot, you’ll need to arrive at the shoot around 30 minutes before time to start. Ladies you may need to arrive a few minutes earlier, especially if your hair and makeup will be done on-site. Once we get started, we’ll shoot for at least an hour and you’ll be able to change clothes at least once. We’ll try to move fast and take as many shots as possible, but we will also take time to make sure that we get everything right. For the studio shots, bring your Ipod and we’ll play some of your favorite music (if appropriate). More than anything else, we will have fun!

Within a week of your shoot, we’ll do a preliminary edit of your pictures and choose the best 100-150 shots and we’ll post these to the Studio P website so you can start viewing them. We’ll choose the best shot from both your sessions for your cards and go ahead and get them ordered. You will need to choose two shots for your Facebook profile pictures and let us know what they are. We’ll post these three shots to the Studio P Facebook page and you can change your Facebook profile picture to one of these.

Once your cards come in, you’ll hand them out to your friends, using the opportunity to let them know about Studio P and what we offer. This is where the fun begins. Using the marketing techniques that we will show you, hopefully your friends will start booking sessions with Studio P. Once they do, your credits will start piling up! Your goal should be to get your entire Senior Experience paid for through your work for Studio P.

So that’s what it will be like. If you are interested in joining the Studio P team, fill out the application and send it in. We’re waiting to hear from you!