It was all because of a grease stain.

When we were talking with Tish about where she wanted to do her Trash the Dress Shoot, she mentioned that on the day of her wedding, she had somehow gotten a big grease stain on her dress. So since she already had one, why not get a few more?

Sounded great to us.

Our friends Mike and Terry Henson of Pete’s Alignment Service were gracious enough to loan us their garage for a Sunday afternoon, and one of their employees brought in a vintage Dodge (it’s the purple car you see in the photos below). We had a blast shooting Tish in her beautiful dress against the grit of the workshop. Terry even lent us the black boots and leather jacket.

And, of course Tish looked amazing. You would never know she was a mother of three (one only about a year old) and not a glamor model. A special thanks goes out to the lovely Shannan for the fantastic makeup and hair.

Fun day. Enjoy.