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It is that time of year…the leaves are starting to turn, the nights are getting cooler, the smell of burning wood from a fireplace is in the air, and football is on TV. What could be better? That also means it is time for the annual Studio P Photography fall mini-sessions! Our mini-sessions will be Read more ..

I am convinced that predicting the weather is one part science, two parts random chance. If there any weather people out there reading this and are offended, I apologize. But come on, guys, really? Can you really accurately predict the weather, especially in East Tennessee, more than 10 minutes in advance? That’s the way it Read more ..

Every one is different. Some are great athletes, some are great students, some are both. We have band members, we have dancers and we have artists. Some are outgoing and talkative, some a little more on the quiet side. But if there is a common thread among all 14 of our senior models, it’s that Read more ..

She made her mom call. See, Kacy just couldn’t bring herself to do it. This was going to be the third time she was going to have to reschedule her Senior Model Xperience, and she just couldn’t bring herself to do it herself. “They are going to hate me!” she said. Far from it. Our Read more ..

One of the questions we usually ask our Senior Models when we meet with them for the first time is if they have a friend at another school that they think might be interested in the Senior Model Xperience. When we met with Natalie, our Senior Model from Farragut, she told us that her best Read more ..