Every one is different.

Some are great athletes, some are great students, some are both. We have band members, we have dancers and we have artists. Some are outgoing and talkative, some a little more on the quiet side.

But if there is a common thread among all 14 of our senior models, it’s that they are all outstanding young people.

We’ve gotten to spend a good bit of time with each one of them over the past few weeks, and we can say without reservation that they are all just wonderful kids. Not a bad apple in the bunch. Every one of them was up for whatever we wanted to try, and hung in there even when things didn’t exactly go the way they had been planned.

And, predictably, plans went awry more than once. Rain and threat of it was a constant this spring. At various times we also dealt with car trouble, huge crowds, heat and humidity, curious onlookers, etc., etc., etc. But in every instance, the kids were great. We think we had more fun on their Senior Model Xperiences than any other year.

So here are our Senior Models for 2012-2013. Enjoy.

[youtube width=”750″ height=”500″]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uvVYnHJZp6E[/youtube]