Sometimes when you shoot a high school senior, they have very definite ideas about what they want to do.

They know exactly what they want to wear, what props they might want to use, how they want their hair and makeup to look, etc. And that’s OK with us. For the most part, we can with with most anything a senior wants to do, within reason, of course.

And then sometimes, they will leave it all up to us.

That’s how Ayren was. Pretty much whatever we wanted to do was OK with her, so, because we liked to experiment, we tried a few new things, just to see how they would work. We brought in a makeup artist — one of our former senior models, Bailey Stipes, now a sophomore at the University of Tennessee — to give Ayren a new look for her hair and makeup, and in the studio, we did some different things in regards to lighting. Nothing radical, just different. Outdoors, we went to an old location, UT Gardens, but we took a different approach as to how we shoot than we normally do, just to see what we could get.

We were pretty pleased with the results. Ayren is one of our senior reps at Central High School here in Knoxville, so if you like what we did, see her about booking your senior session with Studio P.