You get them in the mail every April and May.

White envelopes. White cards. Fancy type that says “Class of This Year will graduate from Blah Blah High School at 7 PM, yada yada yada.” Graduation invitations that look just like everyone else’s. Boring.

What if you could do graduation invitations that were unique? That show who you are? That made your family and friends go, “Wow!” and lived on their refrigerator from now on?

If you have had your senior portraits done with Studio P, you can. With much fanfare (insert trumpets here), Studio P presents our graduation invitations for the Class of 2013!
We have been hard at work on new designs but also brought back some favorites from past years.  We have posted a few below but there are LOTS MORE designs on our proofing gallery!

Click here to see all of the designs in each size.

Here’s the deal:
5 x 5 and 5 x 7 flat cards for $1.99 each
5 x 5 and 5 x 7 folded cards for $2.99 each
5 x 5 Tri-fold cards for $3.99 each
(Sales tax will be added to the total.)

All cards are double sided.
They have to be ordered in groups of 25 (our printer’s requirement)
You have to place your session order BEFORE you can order cards. You will need to choose from the poses that you chose for your order. Additional poses can be added for $25 each.