So let’s say you’ve just gotten married and it’s the day after the wedding.

You’re not leaving just quite yet for your honeymoon. Maybe you can’t get a flight for a day or two or maybe you’re trip isn’t going to be for a while. So what do you do?

Schedule a photo session, of course.

For those of you who have gotten married, that might seem a bit on the ridiculous side. I mean, you’ve just tons of pictures taken at your wedding. Why would you want to get all dressed up agian and do it all over again the next day?

Think about it for a minute. Wedding days are stressful. There are people everywhere and they are all wanting something. Every minute is scheduled. Every moment has been thought and and most have been rehearsed. There’s not always a lot of time or opportunity for a bride and groom to be with each other. To just be themselves. And to allow a photographer to capture it.

That’s what Daniel and Emily wanted. After a hustle and bustle, hectic day of their wedding on January 1, they couldn’t wait to get dressed up again and go somewhere that was special to them, to capture “them.” So we met them at the Volunteer Landing area of Knoxville, which is actually where Daniel proposed.

Very romantic. Very relaxed. Very Daniel and Emily.