The title of this post is not exatly true.

Technically, tonight wasn’t our son Grant’s first football game. For the last two years, he has played flag football at an Upward Football program at a local church. But as we all know, flag football, while fun and certainly a great place to start, ain’t real football.

You don’t hit.

Grant has gotten plenty of that lately. He has been in full pads since the beginning of this month, and it’s taken some getting used to. While very large for his age (he’s the second biggest kid on the team), Grant has never had to endure contact on the football field and it has been something of an eye-opener.

Still, for his first game, he did pretty good. His team, the Carter Hornets, played two “jamboree” games of two 12-minute quarters. They lost the first game 7-0 and won the second one 7-0 on a last-second play. Grant played backup defensive end and made it onto the field for several plays. He held his own and didn’t get knocked down. A good start and something to build on.

Here are a ¬†few shots of the Grantster from tonight’s action. Enjoy.