One of the things about a Studio P photo session is that you are guaranteed a lot of images.

On a typical two-hour senior shoot, we click the shutter somewhere in the neighborhood of 400-600 times. Now, not all of these images will be usable. There will be some that are out of focus, some with a unflattering pose or expression, some that are simply test shots and some that just aren’t up to our standards. So after the shoot, we go through and out the bad stuff before the client ever sees them.

Even still, we will usually end up with at least 200 shots, which would be a lot of 8 x 10s or wall portraits. So one of the products that we offer to try to help our clients take advantage of all the shots that we take is a custom book.

Basically, we take as many of the shots as possible and lay them out on pages. We have a variety of backgrounds available, or we can simply put them on a plain white background. The typical book that we do for seniors has 20 pages, or nine double page spreads, an opening page and a final page. The books have a custom hard cover that can have either a glossy or a matte finish. They are very well made and can lay flat on a table to make for easy viewing. They can be bought as a standalone item or included as part of some of the packages that we offer.

Below are some pages from a couple of our recent books. Something to think about when you are considering how to best display the images from your next Studio P portrait session.