No matter how many times I am around a newborn, the awesome wonder of God’s creation simply amazes me.

Two people coming together and making another is a miracle that I will never be able to get over. To me it is all the proof needed to explain the existence of a power infinitely greater than ourselves, that spoke the universe into existence and is intimately involved in our lives.

Last night, I got to witness this yet again as I met little Eliana, who was born to our friends David and Eden yesterday afternoon. We told you about David and Eden recently when we shot her maternity pictures, and we have been anticipating Eliana’s arrival for some time.

And what an arrival it has been! Everything — from the epidural to the delivery to her first hours of life — has been straight out of the textbook. Just perfect. And Eden was a picture of beauty last night, beaming with the glow of a new mom.

The shots below are going to be part of the maternity book that we will be producing for David and Eden, along with shots from an upcoming studio shoot with the new family. We can’t wait to share them with you.

For now, though, here’s little Eliana on her birthday. Enjoy.