There are some people whose smile is just infectious.

They smile. You smile. They smile. You smile. You just can’t help yourself. The grin starts on their face and then just automatically hops across the room to yours and doesn’t give up until it has taken you over.

Devon is that kind of person.

Our newest senior rep at Central High School here in Knoxville, Devon had the “look” from the moment we first met her and we knew it. It’s not something that can be explained. It’s not beauty, although she is certainly that. It’s not modeling ability, although she did great at her shoots. It’s simply an intangible quality that makes you know that a person’s images are going to be great before the camera’s shutter is ever clicked. We can’t describe it, but even after that initial meeting with her, LaDonna and I were convinced we had a keeper in Devon.

Most of the time, we like to shoot a reps studio and outdoor sessions in the same day, but that wasn’t possible for Devon. Her outdoor shoot, at a farm in Grainger County, was about a week and a half before her studio session. That turned out to be a blessing, with two different makeup/hair stylists (thanks Shannan and Bailey!) we had two completely different looks. ┬áIt shows two two completely different sides of a pretty incredible young lady.

Here’s some of what we were able to do with Devon. If are a senior at Central and like what you see, seek out Devon or our other rep at Central, Ayren, for a special discount. We love to do for you what we did for Devon and Ayren.