Wallet shots are the Good Ole Boys of photography.

Think about it. What’s more friendly than a wallet shot? You give them to everyone. Buy a portrait package that includes wallets and if you can’t give someone anything else, you can always give them a wallet shot.

But the thing about wallets is that they can be a little boring sometimes. They’re small, so it’s difficult sometimes to see a lot of detail. Their size also means that they aren’t always displayed in a frame. Dig through a purse or a drawer and you’ll usually find a wallet shot or two.

So at Studio P, we like to spice up our wallets a bit, especially with our seniors. One of the things that we are starting to offer with our senior packages is the ability to add a message to one set of wallets. Most of the time, it’s the senior’s name, but we will also include the graduation year. Really, it can be about anything they want. But the message really seems to add some interest to the wallet shots.

Check these out and see if you don’t agree: