I always stop and look.

Always. Doesn’t matter how late I am, how busy I am, how distracted I am. If I see a movie poster, especially one that I don’t recognize, I WILL take a peek.

Can’t explain it. There’s just something about a movie poster that grabs my attention. I’ve been a movie buff all my life and sat in more dark theaters munching popcorn and sipping cokes than I would care to count. “Casablanca” is my favorite movie and I saw “Star Wars” at least 15 times during its first run in 1977. My apartment in college was practically wallpapered in old movie posters.

So I got to thinking about it, and I decided why not combine my love for movie posters with a new product for our high school seniors. Who wouldn’t want to be a star and have their own marquee?

Last Thursday’s senior shoot with the lovely Miss Whitney provided me with the perfect opportunity. Whitney, who is going to be a Senior Model for us this year (more on that in the future), had an idea about using an old suitcase and a location in the Old City to denote the end of her high school career and the beginning of … whatever is to come. I decided to shoot it in a way that would make the photo appear as if it were taken late at night (even though it was still daylight outside), which lent itself perfectly for my idea for a movie poster.

What I came up with is below. I’d love to come up with something like this for your senior session with Studio P.