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It’s not unusual at all for one of our Senior Models to be excited about the opportunity to represent Studio P at their school. After all, it’s a great opportunity to get a professional photo shoot and possibly earn great photos and products cool gifts. But Andrea … well, let’s just say her level of Read more ..

At last count, it had 30 “Likes” and had generated 12 comments. The shot below of the lovely Nichole in her ballet dress, leaping into the air with her arms raised, is one of the most popular images we have ever posted to Facebook. It seems to strike a chord with just about everyone who Read more ..

Tyler is used to making sacrifices. He sacrifices plenty of time and energy to work out and practice for the Halls High School football, basketball, and track teams. I’m sure he also has to sacrifice some time for his little brother and sister. But to ask a teenage boy to sacrifice Easter dinner with his Read more ..

For most of our Senior Models, their Xperience is something totally new for them. But that goes double for Hailey. See, most of the time, our Senior Model from Lenoir City is behind the camera instead of in front of it. Hailey is a member of the journalism staff at Lenoir City High and helps Read more ..

Ever been in the line at Walmart or the grocery store and seen one of the tabloids with a “What They Look Like Without Makeup” stories on the front page? You almost have to pick it up and see which un-beautified stars look like themselves and which look … well, not like themselves, to put Read more ..